With more than 25 years of experience in the Real Estate sector and more than a thousand transactions completed successfully, we offer a full legal service based on the objectives of the clients, guaranteeing the security and profitability of your investment. Whether advising investors, promoters, or entrepreneurs, we offer a comprehensive legal assistance in the completion of your objectives in the Spanish market, both at the main land and the Canarian Islands. Our advice covers the following services:

  • Purchase of real estate, transfer of business and timeshare.
  • Letting contracts for locals, business and houses.
  • Planning Law, including the application for licenses and planning permissions and the assistance on planning developments and to all kind of urbanization entities.
  • Building contracts and real estate developments.
  • Assistance on the development of residential and touristic resorts.
  • Mortgage and finance assistance.

Our lawyers advice Spanish and International clients helping them all thought the process of their Real estate Investments and their specific projects.

Commercial and Backrupcy Law

We advise in all areas of Commercial Law and specifically in the incorporation of companies, corporate agreements, increases of capital, mergers and acquisitions and private equity. Our corporate law team advices a wide range of international and national clients. We have a specific expertise in the Bankruptcy Law.

Some of our areas of practice are the following:

  • Insolvency proceedings for both companies and particulars.
  • Establishment of businesses and corporations.
  • Incorporation of foreign companies, subsidiaries or branches of foreign companies in Spain
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Commercial contracts both national and international.
  • Private Equity.
  • Foundations legislation.
  • Assistance in all areas of corporate activity and in advice on the specific functions of the Secretary and the Board of Directors

Our solicitors would assist you in the optimal corporate structure required for your commercial activities and aims.

We have a breadth of experience advising all the parties affected when a company is in financial distress. Our advice includes: group restructurings, debt refinancing, and protection of creditors’ rights, liability of board members and investments in distressed debt and liabilities of insolvent companies.

Public Law

We advise clients in its relation with the Public Administration at local, regional, national and European levels, especially for applications for licenses and permits, and in Court procedures against Administrative decisions or acts.

Some of the areas were we act are the following:

  • Advising private sector clients on tender proceedings and the performance of public contracts.
  • Administrative infringements and sanctions.
  • Administrative procedures and judicial review proceedings.
  • Liability of public authorities.

Civil Law

Our experience in the field of civil law focuses on advising domestic and international clients in the field of obligations and contracts, inheritance law, community of owners and personal injury.

Among others, we have extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Drafting, negotiation and settlement of contracts and agreements.
  • Assistance in the preparation of Wills, Probate, Testate and Intestate Inheritances in close collaboration with our department of tax law.
  • Setting up community of owners, and advice in their operation, adoption and implementation of agreements and drafting minutes.
  • Liability: General liability, civil liability for accidents, civil liability for crimes etc.


Our firm has Attorneys with extensive trial experience in Courts of all jurisdictions, which have achieved significant success in attaining favorable rulings for our clients.

Our team of Lawyers studies exhaustively the challenges and characteristics of each case informing the client of the problems and risks that may arise as well as the costs and time, providing at all times a suitable, practical advice, focused on the priorities of our clients.

Some of our areas of expertise are:

  • Claims for payment of debts.
  • Resolution and breach of civil and commercial contracts.
  • Claims for damages.
  • Claims of consumer protection especially in the banking sector: swaps, floor clauses on mortgages contracts.
  • Claims for unpaid debt to community of owners.
  • Criminal proceedings for economic offenses.
  • Protection of foreign defendants in crimes in Spain.

Labor and Employment Law

  • Legal advice in labor relationships, either individual or collective.
  • Intervention before all instances of Spanish Labor Jurisdiction, on behalf of the best interests of our clients.
  • Intervention in collective negotiations, in the frame of companies as well as at state level, labor force downsizing, and essential modifications in labor contracts.
  • Intervention in labor audits (due diligences), and prevention of labor risks.