BOE nº287 dated November 25, 2017 publishes Royal Decree-law 18/2017, of November 24, which modifies the Commercial Code, the revised text of the Capital Companies Act approved by Royal Decree Legislative 1/2010, of July 2, and Law 22/2015, of July 20, on Audit of Accounts, regarding non-financial information and diversity.

By virtue of the amendment introduced, the affected texts require the inclusion in the management report of public limited companies, limited liability companies and limited partnerships for actions that, simultaneously, have the status of “public interest” entities whose number average of workers employed during the year exceeds 500 and, additionally, are considered large companies, in the terms defined by Directive 2013/34, of non-financial information of a social and environmental nature.

The inclusion of such information in the management report will affect the “public interest” entities defined in Article 15 of the Auditing Regulations, which include banks, insurance companies, listed companies, investment fund managers and pension funds., as well as, in general, all the large companies.